Predictive intelligence built by lenders for lenders

The only risk intelligence platform that combines consumer-permissioned bank transactions with proprietary performance data at scale for the market’s most predictive insights into unserved and underserved consumers

Turnkey solutions to drive better real-time decisions

NinjaEdge is an end-to-end platform spanning access to bank transaction data through performance-optimized insights for immediate actionability in risk decision-making.

Building on a two-decade legacy of innovation for data-driven digital lending, our solutions are uniquely designed around lenders’ needs to drive immediate top- and bottom-line impact.

Performance-optimized bank data insights

NinjaEdge solutions are grounded in real-world lending experience. 

Our risk features (or attributes) don’t stop at the analytics bench and are instead curated for proven value in consumer credit underwriting.

And our risk score is calibrated on loan performance across our customer base for greater predictive value in your own risk decisions.

NinjaEdge by the Numbers

billion+ bank transactions analyzed

million+ loan applications scored

million+ dollars of reported loan performance

years+ of development & optimization

Decision on a complete financial picture

The daily activity and balances in consumers’ checking and savings accounts provide a more complete, current view of their ability and willingness to make loan payments.

Particularly for the millions of consumers with Vantage and FICO scores below prime, cash flow underwriting is the standard to assess true risk.

With NinjaEdge, lenders see cash flow behaviors in the context of industry-wide risk and can make better informed underwriting decisions.

Our solutions create inclusive lending opportunities

Almost half the U.S. population is unserved or underserved by traditional risk scoring methods that look only at past payments and balances of credit accounts as a proxy for future risk.

By looking beyond bureau scores, NinjaEdge provides insight into financial activities and behaviors that are empirically proven to be much more predictive of creditworthiness for these consumers.

In turn, our customers can confidently extend credit to many of those consumers often otherwise overlooked.

Digital Lending Expertise

We pioneered the digital lending business 15+ years ago. Our technology-driven approach to risk is well tested.

Expansive Native Integrations

Building technology for the modern age is a time consuming, expensive process.  At NinjaEdge, we’ve done it already, so you don’t have to.


NinjaEdge can be tailored to the specific goals and preferences of our partners. Not a one size fits all approach.

Increased Efficiency

Our automation reduces borrower friction, underwriting & acquisition costs, and credit risk while increasing our client’s efficiency, profitability, accuracy, and scale.

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