The premier credit risk & decisioning platform driven by machine learning.

The confluence of alternative and proprietary data for a better understanding of a consumer’s financial DNA.

Powered by real, actionable data.

Our platform leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms and performance datasets applied to credentialed bank transaction-level data, allowing for assessment of consumer risk and fraud in real-time.

Our solutions create inclusive lending opportunities.

Nearly 1/3 of Americans are more creditworthy than what their FICO score indicates, and traditional scoring methodologies do not capture real-time life events that can impact a consumer’s ability and willingness to service his or her obligations.

NinjaEdge solutions allow our customers to confidently extend credit to those often overlooked. We look beyond traditional bureau scores and provide insight into a consumer’s financial activities and lifestyle.

NinjaEdge by the Numbers

thousand customers evaluated per month

million+ dollars of loans underwritten

years of development & optimization

million+ transactions evaluated

Digital Lending Expertise

We pioneered the digital lending business 15+ years ago. Our technology-driven approach to risk is well tested.

Expansive Native Integrations

Building technology for the modern age is a time consuming, expensive process.  At NinjaEdge, we’ve done it already, so you don’t have to.


NinjaEdge can be tailored to the specific goals and preferences of our partners. Not a one size fits all approach.

Increased Efficiency

Our automation reduces borrower friction, underwriting & acquisition costs, and credit risk while increasing our client’s efficiency, profitability, accuracy, and scale.

Discover our edge over the competition.

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