Tools with an EDGE

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Our solutions increase efficiency by providing access to organized, harmonized, and aggregated bank data for more insightful risk assessment.



Algorithm-enabled routing for increased connectivity, accuracy, and data density; this eliminates integration lift and optimizes a difficult process for our clients.



Cleaning, clustering, and harmonizing data to extract over 750 unique and standardized features for modeling and client use; which also makes identity and employment verification automatic and brings tangled financial data into our client’s toolbox.



Access to proven models and scores that have been trained using our proprietary features to better understand risk and behavioral modeling.



Models and services require consistent testing and modification to stay at their sharpest; our team takes on the continual effort of validating and improving our product so our clients receive the highest value and support.

Data Validation

A complex issue in the financial data ecosystem is the lack of cooperation and standardization among institutions when it comes to naming conventions, formatting, and even basic included fields. The Edge platform removes this headache for clients through an innovative approach to cleaning, clustering, and harmonizing financial data across different classes of information, methodologies, and institutions.

We are committed to driving value for our clients by taking on the hard work of delivering and maintaining uniform data validation, allowing our clients (and their customers) to reap the benefits with minimal lift on their part.

Platform Features

Our models run on structured, clustered data, creating features that accurately identify and validate.  Beyond text-based recognition, our features include pattern analysis which allows for more accurate and insightful scoring, and our algorithms determine which features are predictive of payment default.

At NinjaEdge, we are always building, optimizing, and listening to our clients. Our feature solutions continue to grow and develop around the needs of our users.

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