Our Products

Choose your entry point into the NinjaEdge platform. Establish a holistic, strategic partnership or plug into our products according to your business needs. NinjaEdge is designed to be white-labeled and malleable to your needs and goals.


Proprietary algorithmic data aggregation and using the network effect for better coverage, connection and accuracy.

Get instant access to permission-based bank data using our integration pathway.


Instant transaction-level validation and verification.

Access to over 750 risk features built to target your credit and risk requirements.


Receive a risk-assessment score that is valuable both independently and as a complement to current practices.

Use our underwriting-tested features to generate key risk indicators and lower defaults across credit products.

Performance Packages

NinjaEdge's tiered service model provides added benefits to our customers.

Our products are designed to set you up for success and work best when built on each other.

Flexible & Customizable

NinjaEdge solutions are white-labeled, with full API integrations allowing you to immediately take advantage of our services as part of your brand.

Pay for Success

NinjaEdge has developed a pricing and integration structure that is both flexible and performance-oriented. Whether your needs are best met by the full NinjaEdge suite or only a piece of the platform, each product is transparently priced in a way that aligns your success and ours.

Collaborative Process

NinjaEdge is committed to an educational and team-based approach, supporting you from implementation through long-term use. Our clients leverage the expertise of our data scientists, technologists, and business leaders to generate insights and optimize outcomes, driving value that only increases with additional data sharing and collaboration.

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