Our solutions

The only analytics platform that combines consumer-permissioned bank transactions with proprietary performance data at scale for the most predictive risk insights for unserved and underserved consumers 

Our solutions

NinjaEdge is the only platform that leverages consumer-permissioned bank transaction data to deliver a true solution for customers rather than discrete tools requiring complex assemblage, multiple integrations, and sophisticated modeling. Our turnkey offering runs the gamut from data acquisition through risk analytics distinctive for their immediate actionability and predictive value.

Data Acquisition

Proprietary algorithmic data aggregation and using the network effect for better coverage, connection and accuracy.

Get instant access to permission-based bank data using our integration pathway.

Risk Analytics

Instant transaction-level validation and verification.

Access to over 750 risk features built to target your credit and risk requirements.

Better data for better decisions

NinjaEdge solutions are built on top of the industry’s only data lake that combines consumer-permissioned bank transactions with loan performance at scale.

[no one else has this]

Our Edge

As the only predictive analytics built by lenders for lenders, NinjaEdge develops and deploys solutions not only from the vantage point of what’s useful for consumer credit underwriting but also with the advantage of contributed performance data for hundreds of millions of dollars in loans. The resulting suite of products can only be replicated through decades of consumer lending experience and substantial capital invested in real-world lending decisions – not simply at the analytics bench.

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